Sunday, 13 April 2008

One of my hobbies. Cardmaking.

Approximately three years ago, I started card making. I've always been 'crafty' and have always wanted to do inventive things with my hands.

I am a fully qualified florist and love doing things with my hands. I cant even watch tv without fiddling with something.

My love of cardmaking really took off when the effects of my chemotherapy stared to wear off properly and when I wasnt feeling so tired and weak.

I wish I could remember the exact time or date I started or even the ocassion that prompted me to start this time consuming, expensive but very enjoyable task but, I cant. So thats it.

I joined the DoCrafts board a few years ago and have made some valuable friendships and have learnt a lot from all of the other very talented boysand girls on there.

Overtime I 've experimented with stamping, quilling, embossing, you name it, I've had a go! I'm not very good at any of them but, I've enjoyed playing.

My crafting has taken over the dining room, the cupboard under the stairs part of the garage and I'm slowly taking over the living room too.

Luckily, my husband David is very caring and doesnt appear to mind at all. Either that or he just enjoys the quiet life of when I'm busy crafting and creating?? Yeah, thats more like it!! Ha Ha!

Mind you, as soon as the extension is finished, I'll have my very own craft room!! Yaay!!

Hey, just a thought, I'll need to but more stuff then so that the room doesnt look too empty!! Hey hey!!