Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tara...its Tiara time!!

So tomorrow, I'm going to be working on a Tiara. I have the beads, I have the band, the wire and now I also have the courage!!

This will only be the 10th or so tiara I've made, but will be the first one I've made in about 4 years, so I'll be working blindfold again until I find my feet so to speak. Photos will follow.

Well, after serious deliberation, I've decided that it is a distinct possibility that I will be starting up my floristry business again. Yippee! I saw someone else's flowers recently and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed my designs and how much I enjoyed coming up with new and inventive ways to display flowers.

I've spoken to a florist friend who has appeared on ITV's This Morning and Alan Titchmarsh and he has basically told me what I already knew, I have nothing to lose and so must surely give it a good go again! There may even be the opportunity for me to work with him on occasions. This will really boost my confidence and hopefully sales and orders in Harlow too. We will see!!

I have a plan to open a specific type of business too in the town and floristry will be a part of it so this could be my opportunity.

Right, what else? Hmmm, Oh yes, I'm joining a womens cancer network which is affiliated to a Women business network so this could bring in a load of floristry work for me as well so all is good and all is great. Well, its all looking good and great anyway.

So, photos of my work will follow, but for now, Pookspoons Pocket is well and truly closing down for the night.

Nighty night Guys and Gals. XXXX

Ps Oooh how could I forget!! My invention has really come on. It's now in the patent pending stage so I can now start to look for buyers and manufacturers!! Yippee!!!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sorry, sorry.....SORRY!!

I have been re-miss in my blog duties and I apologise.

Ok, so where have I been? Hmmm, that's a hard one to answer. Since my last post in......when was? My darling Daddy passed away which shook me to the core and totally destroyed my world. I had my first flying trip to Spain which was great. I usually travelled abroad by coach, but this time I flew and what's more I enjoyed it!! I also acquired a parrot!! Yep, a real life, flying, squawking, talking parrot!! Bailey is a forever re-home bird and is an absolute delight. I've had her for a year now and she has learnt so many new words and phrases. She hardly ever shuts up which can be a tad annoying especially as my house is 'minimalist' and very echoey, but for the most part, she is adorable. She escaped last year and was missing for 4 days. I had only had her a fore a few weeks then and the time she was missing, I was distraught!! I was out late at night and early in the morning looking for her and eventually and luckily she was found on the local cricket pitch where she kept flying down from the trees landing on a young lads shoulder to say 'hello' to him!!
Bailey waiting for dinner. 

Oh yes, what else is new? I'm a Grandma!! My youngest son's girlfriend gave birth to Billy-Jo on St Georges day April 23rd. He is a little smasher and I absolutely adore him!! I see him on a regular basis at least once a week sometimes more and I just can get enough cuddles!! He is such a little smiler and I cant believe how much he's changed in the very short time since his birth. He was smiling when he was just over a week old and is already giggling and laughing and he's only 3 months old.
Do I look a bit proud? Billy-Jo at 10 hours old.
This now makes me the Grandma or G-Ma as I call myself and my Mum a Great Grandmother. My Dad would have been chuffed to bits with him, he really would.
I'm still crafting, but I'm not making as many cards as I used to. I tend to make family cards only and don't really sell any cards.  My passion for photography has really taken over now and since I took a photography course last year, my interest has grown and grown. I've even got my own website displaying my photos.
I have been covering a few children's party's and have held a few portrait sessions in my own home usually photography small baby's and children and the odd dog.

I'm also making jewellery and have sold a few items now. I particularly love making wedding items such as tiara's and fascinators etc.. I've made a few small tiaras headdress's for ballet dancers to wear for their ballet exams. They look really cute.

I've also been working on an 'invention' that will assist wheelchair users. It's been a long, laborious process getting the patent applied for with the drawing up of plans, making a working prototype, filling in all of the paperwork and  but at last I can say I am now officially 'Patent Pending'. Yippeeee!! Once the patent has been passed and issued, I will be a very happy bunny and can start with the next part of the job, getting my invention into production. Hopefully, this will make me and my lads very rich if it is successful!! Hopefully!!

So, I guess in essence, what I'm trying to say is that from now on, this blog will be about my jewellery and my photography rather than for the card making that it was set up for.

Hope you don't mind? Nah, of course you don't do you? Ha Ha!!  Ok, so I'll post some photos soon, really soon. XX

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Alex is giving away some fab candy!!

Get yourself over to Alex's site for a chance to win some amazing blog candy!!

While you're there, make sure you have a good look around the site for some fantastic ideas and be amazed at her beautiful creations on show.

She certainly puts my attempts to shame.
Love Jennifer XXXXXX

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to Dottie's world!
Get yourself over to Dotties world and join in the fun and games to celebrate their first birthday!
Games and prizes on offer all week long so join in and have a go at winning some prizes.
Good luck everyone!!

Look at all this candy!!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

  1. Tilda challenges over on the DoCrafts site.

'Strawberries & cream' challenge.

'Blue' challenge.

I thought Edwin looked rather sad and 'Blue.'

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Alissa designs, FREE Easter set!!

Get on over to alissa designs a place a comment. She will then send you a free easter kit.
Alissa designs has a beautiful blog for you to ponder over aswell, so spend a while looking at all the lovely designs.

Tilda challenges

Over on the Docrafts site, we have a Tlda challenge every week. I've only be taking part in the last two and thought you might like to see the cards I've made for them.

The first challenge was to use the colours yellow and green, backing paper also gems or brads, ribbon and a sentiment. My theme was 'time for me' because Tilda is relaxing reading her book.

The second challenge was a 'Nautical' theme using the colours red white and blue. Including, ribbon or string, buttons, backing paper, sentiment and flowers. I have to admit that I am not very pleased with my second attempt but it was fun having a go and just being a part of the fun.