Saturday, 17 May 2008

Not much crafting going on around here!!

I've only made 3 cards this week!! Shock horror!! Shame on me!!
My excuse? I've got the builders in and I've been busy making them cups of tea, bacon sarnies and jugs of iced juice.

The first few days were lovely and sunny and I managed to sit down and make a couple of cards but, the past few days it has been pouring down!! I've been so busy keeping the dogs indoors wiping their feet when they have been out for a tinkle plus sweeping the floor from when I have to make trips to my once warm, cosy pretty little downstairs loo that that is now a cold, unfriendly outside 'dunnie'.

Despite the appauling weather during the latter part of the week and the many tea and snack breaks, progress has been steady and positive. The walls to the garage have been demolished and the area for the rear extension and pation area has been dug out.

Next week, the area will be marked out for the brickwork and the concrete planks of roof in the garage will be demolished. Hmm, now that will be a tad noisy so I may have to go out .....a lot!!

I'll keep you posted wit hthe progress and will post some photos of the befores and afters.