Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tara...its Tiara time!!

So tomorrow, I'm going to be working on a Tiara. I have the beads, I have the band, the wire and now I also have the courage!!

This will only be the 10th or so tiara I've made, but will be the first one I've made in about 4 years, so I'll be working blindfold again until I find my feet so to speak. Photos will follow.

Well, after serious deliberation, I've decided that it is a distinct possibility that I will be starting up my floristry business again. Yippee! I saw someone else's flowers recently and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed my designs and how much I enjoyed coming up with new and inventive ways to display flowers.

I've spoken to a florist friend who has appeared on ITV's This Morning and Alan Titchmarsh and he has basically told me what I already knew, I have nothing to lose and so must surely give it a good go again! There may even be the opportunity for me to work with him on occasions. This will really boost my confidence and hopefully sales and orders in Harlow too. We will see!!

I have a plan to open a specific type of business too in the town and floristry will be a part of it so this could be my opportunity.

Right, what else? Hmmm, Oh yes, I'm joining a womens cancer network which is affiliated to a Women business network so this could bring in a load of floristry work for me as well so all is good and all is great. Well, its all looking good and great anyway.

So, photos of my work will follow, but for now, Pookspoons Pocket is well and truly closing down for the night.

Nighty night Guys and Gals. XXXX

Ps Oooh how could I forget!! My invention has really come on. It's now in the patent pending stage so I can now start to look for buyers and manufacturers!! Yippee!!!

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