Saturday, 12 April 2008

In memory of BB Vivvy.

Hya Folks, sorry I've not been around that much just lately. A very close friend of mine passed away a couple of weeks ago on February 16th and the news has really shocked my world.

Vivvy, or BB as I called her was a true friend who shared my passion for loved Michael Bolton. The BB part comes from the fact that Michael Bolton calls his fans 'Buzzers' because we get hold of a little snippet of info about him and then we go onto his forum page and 'buzzzzz' between ourselves disecting all the ins and outs of what we've heard. So hence Bolton Buzzers or BB for short.

BB Vivvy fought bravely against breast cancer but sadly, the battle was too much for her frail body and she died on February 16th 2008.

I first time I 'met' Vivvy was when she posted on the board that I have been frequenting since I was diagnosed in February of 2002.

We clicked instantly and the fact that she was as mad about Michael Bolton kind of sealed the deal.

We chatted on line for a few months and then we started e-mailing and texting messages.

We eventually met at the support board meet up in Birmingham in march 07. Vivvy sent me some pictures of her reconstruction to encourage me and to reassure me about my pending reconstruction.

We had a great time and knew then we'd be mates forever.

The last time I saw BB was a couple of weeks before she died in Martletts hospice Brighton.

She looked as beautiful then as she had always done.

I really, really miss her.


#Donna# said...

Hi i hope you don't mind, i got your addy from the do craft forum and i'm just visiting all the blogs to say hello. Your post really touched me, i'm so sorry about the loss of your friend, you must miss her terribly. x

Just call me G said...

Hi J,

its me Gina from the support board, do crafts and of course the blogging world.

I read about Vivvy on the board.. and could see how much she touched peoples lives... reading about her on your blog has made it all fit into place about how others also touched her life.. You both look like women... yep just women enjoying each others company not women on the breast cancer journey... I know you will know what I mean..