Monday, 23 June 2008

Goodness, I nearly forgot to tell you....

I have won two tickets and .... TWO BACK STAGE PASSES to meet Michael Bolton on the 27th October at the Royal Albert Hall !!!!!!
I am so excited!!!
So now, I will have two spare tickets for this concert so if anyone wants to buy them..please get in contact. I dont know exactly where they will be in the auditorium at the moment (I dont need the tickets because I already have front row seating.)
I told you about how I met him last year didnt I? Well, this time I'm going to be more prepared and will organsie myself better with question and gifts for him etc and to make sure that I have some more fantastic photographs taken with him.
Watch this space for photographs in October.

Love JenniferXXXXXXXXX

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Emma said...

LOL! I've been chatting with you forever on Docrafts and never knew that your name was Jennifer!!
Its lovely getting to know more about you from this blog! Hugs Emma.x