Saturday, 31 January 2009

The craft room is nearly ready!!!

The builders have finally gone and my craft room is almost organised enough for me to move into perminantly.

My wonderful beautiful husband has been working his socks off to put shelves up and hang things on the wall ready for my craft stuff.

It wasnt until I started unpacking all of my stuff that I realsied just how much I have!! Where did it all come from?? How did it multiply this fast?? Atleast I know where all of my money has gone!!

I will post some photographs when I am a bit more organised. It's just a case of working out where to put things so that they are easily reachable. Being in the wheelchair makes it harder for me to reach things that are too high up so I have to think carfeully about storage.

I thought I might try using some guttering for storing my rolls of ribbon in. The smaller pieces can be wound around bits or card.

Watch this space.

Love Jennifer XXXXXXX


a message from gillyflower said...

hi there
thanks for leaving your blog addy for me on docrafts i will keep popping now i know where you are
just read you profile and so nice to see someone else is having the hot flushes i started with them about a year or so ago so also have a fashionable short hair style it drives you potty doesn't it. just started HRT so hoping that helps
anyway enough about women's things lol
great blog some lovely creations and look forward to seeing a pic of your finished craft room

Jane said...

Good idea using guttering to store ribbons.

Jane :0)