Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Happy St Georges Day!!!

Well today is St Georges Day!! Hoorah!!
You wouldnt have realised it from the apparent lack of patriotic paraphernalia adorning the streets!!

I sent my boys out of the house today wearing their red roses in their lapels and just how many people asked them if they were going to a wedding?? Four!!!

My eldest son who has patriotism running through his stoically English veins, told them in no uncertain terms that it was St Georges day and one of them even had the gaul to ask 'who?'

What has happened to this country? We are afraid to celebrate our Saint for fear of upsetting someone from another race and yet the Irish openly celebrate St Patricks day and quite rightly so.

I have heard that a few pubs are holding St George events so atleast thats a step in the right direction..isnt it? Perhaps, people will one day learn all the words to our National Anthem instead of making up whatever fits in with the tune??

Or will this just mean that come closing time a hoard of drunken rabble will be filling our streets and disturbing our peace singing what they believe to be patriotic chants of 'Ingerland. Ingerland!'

Personally, I tend to believe the latter!!

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