Saturday, 26 April 2008

Wow!! This is so addictive!!

I cant believe how addictive this blogging is.

I'm finding that I want to write posts everynight and have to resist the temptation not to bore you to tears with my pathetic ramblings!!

I had a tooth out during the week and boy has it felt strange! The dentist said that it was hanging on by a thread and once he'd numbed my jaw, it had almost 'popped' out on its own.

Apparently, because I have osteoporosis, it is not only contained in my hips and spine, it has also caused degeneration my my jaw bone! It hasnt stopped me talking drinking or eating, so no cause for immediate alarm then eh?? LOL

The dentist asked me if I wanted to keep my tooth and for one tiny moment, I paused to think of how I could use it in my crafting!! You'll be pleased to hear that I declined his offer.

I find myself, flicking my tongue in and out of the gap where once my wobbly molar once lived.

It had become progressivley wobbly over the recent months and now, it was gone.

I can only hope that because this tooth has escaped, that the others dont decide to follow suit!!

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MeandLilG said...

Wow, I found you! Didn't know you had a blog! Really glad you do, so just popped in to say hi and looking forward to seeing your cards on here - I often need you for inspiration LOL!

Will pop back soon xx